An app that combines the best classroom technology to create live presentations that help foster an inclusive learning environment.


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  • Children with hearing loss are often misdiagnosed with developmental disabilities.

  • This impedes their ability to keep up academically and creates undue frustration. 

  • Hearing loss frequently causes feelings of embarrassment and a desire to avert attention from themselves and their disorder.

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An introvert with a budding interest in the arts, you can find this visual learner with a sketch pad or getting creative on a digital device. Although it is exhaustive at times, Joanna doesn't let her hearing loss stand in the way of her education. Yet, a recent move to a larger school may prove to be one of her biggest hurdles yet. The large class sizes mean she will not be able to receive the same amount of hands-on teaching and help she is accustomed to. 


Kayden is an ambitious third grader that loves learning and being outdoors. Yet, he sometimes struggles to keep up during in class discussions and popcorn reading sessions. After a series of ear infections, he was diagnosed with a severe hearing impairment. Luckily, he will undergo surgery that will greatly improve his hearing. However, in the meantime, he could use a hand keeping up in the classroom.

LILLY, 19 

Now in her second semester of college, Lilly is starting to get comfortable with large lecture halls full of noisy students and plenty of distractions. She often records lectures so that she can listen back to them for anything she has missed. It’s not a perfect solution since it often takes longer to listen to the recordings than it does to just look over her notes but, large lectures often wear on her attention and she doesn’t want to risk spacing out on important information. 


Encourages active learning through a personalized stream of coursework and materials. 


Real-time presentations created using AI voice-to-text technology.


Continues user development through tracked progress and goal setting initiatives.







Syncs with calendars and Google Classroom to offer a more curated stream that includes upcoming due dates and test days.


Personalized reviews and test prep created based on keywords and lessons in transcribed text.


Analyzes dictation to generate related imagery to boost comprehension and longterm retention of materials.


Edit text styles, connect to other devices, add notes and highlights all in real-time.


Two viewing modes: Theater mode splits focus between text and visual cuesReader mode keeps primary focus on transcription.


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